Company Overview and Offerings.

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Aquiflow Solutions

Outdoor, greenhouse, and indoor controlled-environmental agriculture.

Due to our expertise gained by cultivating and supplying high-value agricultural products for major retailers such as Whole Foods and our industry-leading reputation for technology and thought leadership in the cannabis industry, AcquiFlow Solutions is recognized as the expert source of intelligent technology, consulting, and turn-key integration solutions for cultivation facilities across North America. AcquiFlow develops and implements turn-key solutions for our customers across outdoor, greenhouse, and indoor controlled-environmental agriculture.

As cannabis becomes more commoditized, we have focused on helping our customers increase yields, maintain consistency, and reduce costs.

AcquiFlow Solutions has provided guidance and support for grows of 1 to 1,000,000 sf, and works with some of the most forward-thinking companies in the world. If you want to learn more about cutting-edge smart technology or creating scalability, or you just want to pick our brains about ideas for your facility.


Technology Consulting

“We’ve always done it this way” 

We’ve always done it this way” – These are the most expensive six words you can utter, but sifting through the myriad of technologies can be daunting to say the least. AcquiFlow Solutions begins by looking at your goals and works with you to explore what would best serve your business. Cookie-cutter approaches to technology are not the answer. Understanding how the technology can benefit your business is paramount. We utilize our G.R.O.W. process to evaluate and determine the effectiveness of a technology for your facility, ROI, and soft factors that are many times overlooked.  



"Let there be light!"

Let there be light!! – Lighting is a fundamental aspect of cultivation, with many factors to consider. Would you like to explore how to increase production? What if you could shorten grow cycles? How about controlling the taste or nutritional components of your crop? Want to drastically lower your costs of production? Lighting has evolved to a point where this is all within reach. AcquiFlow Solutions understands all lighting technologies and can help you find answers that best match your facility and complement your processes. From the simplicity of the sun to fleets of adjustable-spectrum, fully-networked intelligent lighting, our team can help design and implement a solution that fits your needs and your budget, and put you on a path to greater success through plant science.

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Water, water everywhere! 

Water, water everywhere! – Irrigation practices have evolved for thousands of years, and understanding what will work best for your facility can be a massive (read: costly) one! Not only will this affect your crop, but gaining a deeper understanding of how this affects key business components such as labor, product consistency, resource usage, user experience, learning curve, and successful integration is crucial to maintaining a profitable operation. We understand the needs of growers and will help by creating solutions that will complement your current processes and maximize efficiency. Using soil? Hydroponics? Aeroponics? Aquaponics? We have solutions that will enhance your facility and let you focus on the plant, not the hassle. We are also a Premier Partner of AutoPot, one of the most flexible solutions for powerless irrigation – proudly utilized by those that demand excellence.



Can’t we all just get along?


By far, the greatest challenge to cultivation facilities is getting the different technologies to play well together. Simply buying products and tossing them at your team is not a formula for success. AcquiFlow Solutions provides full turn-key integration and training services on our technology solutions, and will help you to empower your teams and avoid costly learning curves. From lighting and irrigation to control systems, nutrients, SOG/SCROG techniques, substrates, and more, our teams focus on getting you up and running while delivering the diamond standard in execution. If you need anything from onsite installation to personal support, AcquiFlow Solutions is your partner in success.