About Us

Acquire assets. Cultivate relationships. Grow with the regulatory flow.”


World-Class Expertise

Patrick Thomas Moran, CDO & Managing Partner, established the first open, transparent, and legal Texas-based cannabis company: AcquiFlow LLC. Realizing that cannabis prohibition is coming to an end, the name encompasses the core philosophy: “Acquire assets. Cultivate relationships. Grow with the regulatory flow.”


AcquiFlow raised capital with the midterm goal to “legally provide good medicine to Texas children, vets, and families.” The long-term vision is to become a nationally-distributed Texas-based brand.


Staying true to that mission, AcquiFlow has built three subdivisions, two of which are self-sustaining subsidiary companies: AcquiFlow Solutions, Industrial Hemp, and Texas Cannabis.


“Grown by Texans...for Texans.”



AcquiFlow is a proud member of ArcView and NCIA. We donate to SSDP, among other nonprofits. Our CEO is a CanopyBoulder mentor and co-founder/president of the Texas Cannabis Industry Association.

AcquiFlow does not promote the use or sale of illegal drugs in any way. We act in strict accordance with all state and local laws, rules, and regulations. AcquiFlow promotes responsible political and corporate engagement to help establish and promote a responsible, wellness-based legal cannabis industry across the nation, including Texas.